Yes! Auburn Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning can provide emergency plumbing services 24/7. If you’re a member of our Guardian Plan, you can also call for these services without paying overtime rates—keeping you covered in case of an emergency at any time!

Absolutely, routine maintenance can serve as a preventative measure against many common plumbing problems. Regular drain cleaning, leak detection, and annual inspections by our professional team are just a few proactive steps you can take.

Although simple concerns like slow drains can often be tackled with DIY solutions, it’s wise to bring in a professional for persistent problems, substantial leaks, or widespread low water pressure. Similarly, if you’re uncertain about the root of the problem, it’s best to give us a call. Attempting to fix major plumbing issues without the right tools and know-how could make the damage worse and increase costs in the long run.

The time frame for plumbing repairs varies based on the issue’s complexity. For straightforward tasks such as drain unclogging or leaky faucet repair, we usually wrap things up within a few hours. However, more intricate jobs like pipe replacement may span across several days. When you request a quote, our team will also provide an estimated timeline for the work.

Plumbing repair costs can vary widely depending on the problem. Small leaks might only cost the price of the service call and an hour or so of labor, whereas big jobs like replacing all the pipes in your home can be much more expensive. That’s why you’ll always get an accurate quote for our work before we start.

Your faucet might have a washer, seal, or cartridge that’s worn out and letting water through even when it’s closed. Our team can fix this for you quickly, stopping the leak and saving water.

Many grocery-store drain cleaners can damage your pipes and create future plumbing problems down the road. Our experts have the tools and knowledge to clear your drain clogs without putting your pipes at risk.

You might need new pipes if you experience:

  • Frequent leaks
  • Water that tastes bad or has a tint
  • Poor water pressure
  • Noticeable corrosion on exposed pipes

Auburn Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning can handle anything from minor leaks to major plumbing catastrophes! Some common jobs we get called out for include:

  • Fixing or replacing leaky pipes
  • Unclogging drains or toilets
  • Repairing water fixtures in kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms
  • Water heater repairs

Got a different plumbing problem you need help with? No worries! Contact us and get help.

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