throughout Chagrin Falls, Macedonia, Aurora, Chesterland, Chardon, Twinsburg, Solon and Mayfield Heights, OM

Chagrin Falls is noted for their beautiful historical homes. New buyers may be intrigued by the beauty, character, and quality of these homes. However, they may not be as impressed with the existing heating systems that come along with some of these beauties.

Some of these homes, may have boilers. The term boiler, unfortunately, can turn some people off. Whether it’s a hot water or a steam boiler, it’s all antiquated to them. Hot water systems will always have 2 pipes coming from the radiator, whereas a steam system will only have one. Boilers have been around for a long time and many people consider them outdated. Often a knee jerk response is to “upgrade” to a more popular and familiar option, the forced air furnace. But before doing that let’s take a closer look at the boiler and what it has to offer.

Boilers are very energy efficient and provide comfortable radiant heat. Boilers can be run by electricity, gas, or oil. Newer models, of course, waste less fuel than older style boilers. An efficient model will also lower energy costs and run at 98.5% efficiency. There are fewer moving parts in a boiler as opposed to a furnace which means less repairs to worry about. Like any heating system, a boiler needs an annual inspection. If your boiler is properly maintained, it will last longer than a forced air furnace.

Boilers offer more even heating and the heat lasts longer. Your home will feel warmer at a lower temperature compared to a furnace. Boilers are also quieter, and the piping system makes it easier to control heat in different areas of your home. Those of you who suffer from allergies will find that boilers eliminate the airborne dust that can be a problem with forced air systems.

Another thing to consider is that boiler systems don’t include ductwork. We can add ductwork to your home; however, it may not be practical to add to an older home. In some cases, it can compromise the architecture of your home. But that doesn’t mean that you must live without air conditioning. Fortunately, there are systems that are designed to fit older homes. Auburn Heating, Plumbing and Air Conditioning specialize in installing air Conditioning in homes with boilers. Call them to discuss options.